Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keweenaw Snow Stick

Hope everyone is enduring their Big Snow Experience... I'm sure you in the throes of your artic adventure will never forget it's punch , especially when it's over, but forgive us here in the north.... we're finding "Snowmageddon" quite entertaining.
Snow in the UP is measured by the Keweenaw Snow Stick...
the record being 390.4" for the 1978-79 season vs the all time low of 81.3"

We're enjoying a balmy and quite snowless winter here with totals of a mere 123.9 inches to date up in the high country of Herman and in the low country, 34.0" . A real draught.

digging out

street in Houghton
and relieved that El Nino's pattern is blowing winter south this year

a usual winter

road comission artillery

I should shut my mouth, after all, it's only February and we're not safe away until May here. So we'll be thinking of you and your cherry blossoms come the end of March when we're still butt high to a tall indian in this white stuff. What do they say.... Those who laugh hardest, laugh last??? You'll have your turn with me...


Threadspider said...

So funny!!!!! Cannot begin to imagine what you would say to the miniscule quantities that cause life as we know it to grind to a halt here. Hope you are well, Jane.

Judy S. said...

Rain looks pretty good to me, Jane!

Allison Ann Aller said...

All that snow sure looks pretty in the sunshine, Jane.
Still, I hope you all are blessed with an early and sustained spring this year...

SassyCatHill said...

As a former Michigander who now lives in the middle of "snowmageddon" I can speak from both sides of the issue.
This area is soooooo not prepared to plow, remove, drive in, ect ANY kind of snow much less this amount!
I long for the well prepared Michigan road crews!

Anonymous said...

Funny, Jane! I haven't seen that Keweenaw measuring stick for a while--what a great idea to put that in your blog. (May have to get a photo of it one of these up in Houghton now...but don't want to travel that far north just to get the picture, LOL.)

Your photos are really great, by the way. I like the one of the Houghton street especially. Probably right around the corner from here.

Two more months of winter left, do you think?

Momma Bear said...

I too am watching the "Snowmageddon" coverage with a mixture of amusement and distaine. I grew up in Chicago which regularly gets 40"-60" of snow a year which thaws and then freezes to a slushy permacreate that turns black and doesn't go away until april.
I also got in regular trips to my Gmas in Lacrosse wi. where the snow fall is easily twice that.
still I always know in the back of my mind there are places where that is nothing!
and if it doesn't stop the CTA, cold, shut down the city for a week and cause you to fire your Mayor the snow really wasn't that bad!)

Annie said...

Here in the Lower half of Michigan we have gotten about 6 inches. Seems like the East Coast is getting hit the worst. But as you say, one never knows and winter is not over yet! Nice blog!! I have subscribed :)