Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Log Haulin' and Stick Pickin'

I decided that the only way I was going to finish Aprils TIF was to give it a purpose...and I need an eyeglass case. This will shrink down considerably after stitching and construction. I'm hoping I can get over the conundrum of last months challenge. I'm just stuck.. I won't even touch Mays theme until finished with this.

This is what the main project is at the moment. The first spot that we've chose to work on is directly between the house and the road. Clearing logs and brush is no job for the faint of heart (or back) but the end result will sure put a shine on the overall appearance of the land. The intent is not to tame everything and there's lots of natural deadfall we'll never pick up but a circumference around the house has to be "controlled" somewhat.

I'm throwing all the rocks I find into this sink hole which should make a nice little spring pond and I'm hoping to grow some native flowers and ferns through out this area. A little path meandering through with a little seat or swing somewhere would be great. There's several trees of interest on the property and I want to play up to them with more little paths and seating. I've done a few landscape projects of this size before but this one will form with the lay of the land. This is no place for rosebushs or tomato plants. We've yet to decide where a small veggie plot will eventually go, but I doubt it will happen this year.

As always, things happen for reasons and things have worked out where I'll be going down to Detroit either Thurs or Fri. More needs to be done to clean out mom and dads house and situate paperwork etc. I'll be staying at my sisters while there and the jokes are already starting with me in regards to her nickname..." kook magnet ". It doesn't matter where you are... there's always a befalling of weird happenings around her. I'll have to keep notes while I'm gone LOL..

So till the next time... Jane

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing the pond (hope you used my pond building tutorial!) looks like hard work felling those trees. The glasses case looks great - i find it easier to finish 'difficult' projects if they have a purpose. god luck with the house sorting with your sister - looking forward to hearing the stories!