Friday, November 23, 2007

Quiet Days at Home for Thanksgiving Weekend

Sorry, I tried numerous times to upload photos, but none today folks. Everyone and their uncle from around the globe must be trying to put their turkey photos to Blogger today.... so text only.

Thanksgiving we had planned on going to town for buffet and watch the Lions game, but since we found out Wednesday that we could get it through national broadcasting we decided to stay home. The game was terrible but the food was good. We cooked a 1/2 turkey and the side dishes we like and enjoyed the peacefulness of the fire, the snow, and the fur family. I called my mom and dad and spent time reflecting on all my blessings which are many. Grace, forgiveness, and joy being paramount.
Many of the hunters have went home to their wives. One more week and gun season is over.Amen! We seem to be missing 1 of "our" deer but we will see who comes to the feed when its all said and done.
Christmas is going to be a different one this year. I doubt I will get home to see the family and I really don't have the money this year as I have in the past. The adage, "You can't buy health" rings truer as the years go by and no one I gift for needs any thing more than just that. My desire to defy the consumerism bloat for my own spiritual self is one of the reasons why we moved up here. So instead of heading to the stores today , I headed to my stash and made up some Christmas cards. These cards are one of a kind, personal to the recipient, not to be duplicated, works of my hands and heart. You don't have to wear them, accessorize with them or display them. You don't have to return them, they don't need batteries, no strings attached. How could a gift get any better than that? No obligation, no guilt, no hassle, just sincerity's of the Christmas blessing, the real one, from our house to yours. My nephews love their "gift cards" for games and CDs and I will make sure they get those, but that's it, that's where I am at this year. I best get cracking with my list and my cutting.
Maybe photos tomorrow, Blogger ??

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