Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Better Than Sasquatch

Last week in Marquette, in close proximity to where we live, there were a group of people who set out to look for Big Foot. Sasquatch has, and always will be, a legend of the ages. Similar to the Loch Ness Monster , he is elusive and notorious for always showing just enough of himself to keep the tales alive.

I am an open minded person and have seen the wide expanse of wilderness where a creature like that could live. I am not totally convinced nor am I so unimaginative that I can not consider the possibility of his existence. I will look for signs of him him when I am out and about in the forest.

However Spirits do live among us here and of that I am convinced. Maybe not Sasquatch, but something. When our Ojibwa friend was here recently, he captured this picture of what he calls the odishewe (ones who come to visit) in the woods to the back of our cabin. For several days before this picture was taken, our dogs would stand at the edge of the woods, staring and barking at nothing (or so we thought). The photos he took during this walk with my husband (before and after) do not have these spots, so debris on the lense is ruled out. I can not say yes or no, only that I feel something is out there. But it isn't scary.


Gerry said...

What a great wooded area. Too bad they're disappearing so quickly!

gocrazywithme said...

Do you mean the orbs of light in the photo? I took photos of my grandsons' recent baptism and there were orbs in several shots. The psychic/author Sylvia Browne says orbs are angels, which makes some sense at a baptism. I like your friend's name for the ones in your woods. Very cool photo!