Wednesday, August 15, 2007

36 Hour Vacation!

Reorganized & Re-energized

Julies & Rebeccas Blocks

Fall Block & Fav Song

Needlebook Beginnngs

Needlebook Beginnings II

New Side Table

Under Bed

" Ironing Board"

Here are the naked blocks I pieced yesterday while Dan was gone. The first 2 are for the CYOT. Julies is the blue and red and Rebeccas is the one with the yellow piece shaped like "cheese" (See where I am going with this?) The next 2 are my Personal Challenge Blocks, Season to Season Fall block and Favorite Song. The song is Sky Blue and Black by Jackson Browne. See here for lyrics..... I did get the muslin cut and marked for the needlebook I want to make. I got some things picked out in a basket & tub of what I want to use on it and made a few notes on how I want to construct it.

I finished organizing as best I could with the drawers and tubs I had on hand, labeled and sorted so I will know whats what. Some of the tubs holding fancy scraps and velvets will have to sit out of course (easier to see and fondle). But there is some stash under the bed and yet some more in the upper utility room. I picked up a little folding table to use that I can put away when I am done and I have a towel on the cedar chest that I use for an ironing board. Threads, beads, ribbons and lace are much easier to get to now in the rolling drawer...Tadah!!!

Dan left at 5AM Monday and was back Tues at 4:30 PM. I think I did good with the time I had. I even colored my hair and had cocktails with my girlfriend.


Gerry said...

Your blocks are really nice. My goodness, so many going at once.

Hope you had a good time with your friend. And I understand the necessity for dying that hair. LOL.

Beth said...

That is one beautiful crazy quilt!

Welcome to the quilt studio ring!