Sunday, September 14, 2008

July TIF is done ... finally

Keeping with the color and the theme is tricky with these challenges... and the subject of a half way mark with this one totally eluded me. That was until Roxannes summer kitchen got to the half way finished mark and she chose yellow as her paint color. Ta-dah.... it's always easier to finish something with a goal and purpose in mind, isn't it?
Anyway there's a gas station in town called "Dicks Pump and Munch" and I thought I'd add a few words to comically play off the Pump and Munch by writing Roxys Pub, Scrub and Grub. It was fun to be able to christen her new kitchen with a little wallhanging and at the same time get the month done.


Paula Hewitt said...

well done! such pretty colours and I love the pub, scrub and grub. Im resisting the urge to comment on Dick pump and munch - im giggling though. on another note what is Yooper?

also Im having trouble commenting so Ill just say here, I like Septembers TIF too - especially the Kantha stitching. clever seam treatments with your thread fabric.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Great block - very catchy name, too. Pub, Scrub and Grub. (What's the scrub?)

Hey - is there really a place called Yooper, MI?? lol

sparkle jars said...

Your TIF is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Gayle

roxi25 said...

Jane, it looks great in the summer kitchen. Just like it was meant to be there. I see you have a few questions to answer now. The scrub is for the sauna on the other side of the wall isn't it?
Then you'll have to explain a sauna. Thanks so much.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Oh, Jane, it's beautiful. The colors work together so well. I love it.