Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Awesome Afternoon...

The lupines were phenomenal this year... rivers of color all along the roadsides... this was a gorgeous purple field! I could imagine that this is what heaven is like... I felt like I'd died and gone there walking amongst them.

I must say they're my favorites. This was last Saturday... they're drying up now.

This looked to be a type of Aster but their not supposed to bloom until Fall. (Hope that doesn't mean anything!)

Orange Hawkweed

Orange Hawkweed Cluster


I'm not sure what this is.. it's down at the Arvon Park on the bay. I'll be taking another look at it.

Rue Anemone

Wild Thyme

I don't know my butterflies and couldn't rightly find the name right now. Of course he's on a daisy.

Blue Flag Iris

Meadow (Smooth) Rose

We got to go out in the kayaks. I love getting out on the water in these.

It must have been dragonfly breeding day as there were hundreds of thousands of them. Their wings broke the air, comparable in sound to paper being crumbled. This guys liked the free ride.

But along with play comes work and although it's just June, the woodpile needs to be loaded up again, Dan is busting his butt piling this in. He split by hand last year, this year he bought a log splitter and although it's still a job it's not as hard on his body as the maul splitting was.

It's looking good, eh? It'll feel pretty good come October. Now let me work on my posting of what I've been up to at the quilting table.


Judy S. said...

Wonderful photos, Jane! I especially like the butterfly and buttercups are a noxious week and can easily overrun a garden/lawn or whatever...not quite as bad as blackberries though! Those even climb the trees and choke them out.
Your kayaking looks like fun; it's a big sport here as well.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful photos of flowers and insects - i love to see whats going on up there!. the kayaking looks wonderful - so luch and green around your lake.

Threadspider said...

It's all so breath takingly beautiful up there with you now it's summer. Makes those long winters a little more bearable.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jane, Love all your flower photos. Just beautiful. Your wood pile look awesome to me. I can not image cutting that much wood. Lots of work indeed.