Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Progression and Transition...

I've been working 2 parts of the Tracks block. Not real original as I'm just stitching over the print on the fabric, but it's something that is propelling it along to completion.

I'm cross stitching over this portion which is changing the shadows and I'll fill in the centers with a burgundy stitch hoping to get a resemblance of some type of flower. The bears were cut out of a novelty print and just fused down. (Judy S. I tried to email you but it came back undeliverable.)

Paula Hewitt , from The Beauty of Life blog has a great completed piece on her blog here for the March TIF and a great story about how she arrived at it. Do click on the link she provided to the song by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody, "From Little Things, Big Things Grow". It introduced me to some great Aussie Folk music. I had never heard of Missy Higgins either. What great voices. Paula also linked here , to Ragged Cloth, to a post on the Art/Craft debate,a very good analogy.

We're all anxious to be getting our spring hair cuts including my 2 little fuzz balls, we've all turned into ragamuffins after the long winter and we're so pallid its not even funny. Every day now there is little signs of spring. The snow has come away from the house and there are bits of green to be seen even if they are but weeds.

I've got the eggs out to hang on the tree if I can ever get through the snow mound surrounding it


Starting today I'm on afternoons for a week. Thanks to all of you who've commented and wished me well with this. Here's a link to a video of " Shift Work" by Kenny Chesney, my current theme song... And that would be me when you see the med workers at 3-11... LOL Right before I got off yesterday I answered a call light from a gal whos my age and is rehabing from a stroke. One of the straps from the therapy device that attaches to her wheelchair had torn from the pad and fell off rendering it unusable. To the amazement of everyone I ran it down to laundry, sewed it back on and had it reattached in 10 minutes. I am dumbfounded daily by women who can't work a needle and thread and am dumbfounded even more by the "Its not in my job description" mentality. The biggest question of my days seem to be " What if it was you or someone you loved?" and it could easily be me one day who needs the help of another.

Till the next time...... Jane


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane - thanks to the link to my blog - Im glad you liked it and liked the song - PK is one of my favourites. If you like this type of music check out the waifs - they remind me a little of the indigo girls.

I like the progress on your March TIF - stitching over the pattern is a great idea - really makes the leaves stand out.
I think your dogs are so lovely (especially the shepard) you all must be pleased to see some green!

as for your last point - i could never stand those demarcation disputes at work - often its quicker to do something than argue about your job description, and unkind too - especially when you are dealing with peoples lives. have a great weekend (after all your arvo. shifts)!

Susan said...

I'm amazed that anyone in the medical field could ever say "it isn't in my job description!" But good for you for fixing it, and knowing what you needed to know to do so.

I love the way your block is coming along. The XS is a great idea on that check!


Thanks for coming to my blog Jane and leaving a comment. What a lot of challenges in your life at the moment and you seem to be handling them so gracefully. More power to you! ( Isn't that the expression?) Will visit more regularly now.

Judy S. said...

Hi Jane,

Isn't spring, even just little signs of it, great after a long winter. We don't have much snow here except in the mts., but it is grey a lot, so the color of the spring flowers is such a welcome sight!

I love how your block is coming's really fun to watch the different interpretations of the monthly theme, and of course, the details of everyone's stitching is fascinating to see.

BTW, I emailed you last night, so you should have the correct address, but it may have ended up in SPAM.

Enjoy the weekend!

Threadspider said...

Jane -thanks so much for being the first visitor to my new blog- I'm watching now to see how your checked fabric is going to develop.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Hi, Jane. Happy Easter to you, too, with no new snow. I hope your new job is going well. I love the picture of the eggs. Connie