Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coming Down the Home Stretch w/ TIF and ......

I'm calling this close as it's almost the end of March, but I'll cut myself some slack as it's been a busy one for me. I am plugging along tho' and hook or crook, a few more days should see it done. One of the things I wanted to try to make was a birds nest..... so this morning I cut up some fibers and batiks and tried my hand with this water soluble product I got awhile back.

I encased it with the paper and sewed it up.

After soaking the soluble off and brushing up the nap with a nail brush, I got what resembled a dead bird. My husband came in and I told him that I'd found it it in the sink. "But where could it have come from ?", he asked. My quilting buddy Barb was here and we rolled with laughter.

Although it does look more of the consistency of a birds body than the actual nest-like look I was trying for, here it is and I'm hoping that imagination will carry over to what I had invisioned. Addendum.... please check out this live web cam of an eagles nest in Maine.... it is too cool... she is about to lay an egg or 2 herself. Compliments of Debbie from Maine of CQN

I was reading Judes Spirit Cloth blog the other day and read where she was finding faces in her fabric. Well, of course the next time I looked at this piece, I saw a face too, just begging to get noticed... looks like a baby bear, doesn't it..... ( OK, doesn't it ?? LOL)

This is where I cross stitched myself to oblivian at the beginning of the month. I think I did it more for mindless therapy than anything else. There is no other explanation for it... wanting to spend countless hours of time I didn't have making a million little stitches. I was meditating myself into a stupor of peace with it. I'd said I was going to make some burgundy flowers here but after I got going I thought it would look more like sun filtering through leaves if I did it this way.

As if my funny husband hasn't been funny enough lately, I showed him the backside of this piece to ask him what he thought of it so far... " Ooohhh", he said, " it looks like its coming along good, very pretty". So much for you , ya jug head.... to not know the front from the back... this man never ceases to try my understanding of him. I can't believe I am even showing you this, other than in the context of what my hubby would call a fine work of art... LOL... but this is CQ and since the back will never show ( unless it is unearthed by an archaeological crew some day ), it is what it is .Just enlarge at your own risk and don't laugh so hard that I can hear you way up here in the woods. I'm saving the full view till I'm totally done LOL.

My next to do will be to attempt my first ever spider web. I found the Quilting Arts has a nice spread about spiders and webs in their very first issue, pgs 30-37.... I'm hoping that not too much imagination will have to be used to view the out come. This block really needs to stop talking to me now, enough is enough.... but it's all those little details, ya know?

Of course Barb did't help me by bringing me another sack of quilt magazines when she came... I wonder what bit of inspiration I'll find to pull me off Track this time. (literally)

I put this bracelet on this morning as I was feeling frilly and wanted to dress up my oversize flannel shirt and knock off rubber crocs. LOL Well, it worked for a time, that little feminie feeling. Until it got tangled in my threads one too many times and I was cussing like an old leathered sailor man. I tried. BTW, I got my hair cut.... not super short but at shoulder top.. . I am considering going the natural route and found this blog about going gray..... hmmmm. That could be a whole new thing for you all to follow me through... what do ya think, should I ???

Till the next time, Jane


Judy S. said...

Hi Jane,

It looks like a nest lined with feathers to me! I can't wait to see the whole was very cool the way the cross stitching in the gingham squares turned out. BTW, the back of your work looks quite tidy IMHO!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Jane, I like the way the little nest came out. It looks just like it's supposed to. And the "face" really does look like a little bear. I'm looking forward to seeing how your quilt comes out, you're so creative.

Sure, you can come camping with me if you bring along those quilt magazines and don't bring any dead birds. Connie

Futuristics said...

NICE Blog :)

Take a peek into the future at

Threadspider said...

I loved this post-it felt just like you were talking to old friends. And not just the part about going grey, either! I'm still in the "keep on colouring camp"-can't believe from your pic. you need to . But it's a very personal decision...

I loved the pictures of spiders' webs-being a Threadspider myself-I have only recently discovered Qulting Arts magazine. It's inspirational.
And finally-the eagle cam is great. I will keep checking it out. Have a good weekend and keep on stitching.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane
Matt says he feels sorry for your husband and that 'we' are all the same - the men try and be supportive and say nice things and we just sledge them for their efforts. diddums.
I would go grey (if I was old like you ....grin) I used to be blonde...but with each baby my hair got darker - now its mousy brown. Some have said i should get it coloured back to its original - but why bother? actually it seems to be getting lighter by itself... im going grey after all!
oh yeah...nice work BTW. I like the nest....i could see the bears face (eventually) and i look forward to seeing the spiders web

Susan said...

I love the next. It looks very like some nests I've seen. Your poor husband! =) At least he was trying to be nice . . . if not honest. LOL!

Love your block, including the bear face.