Saturday, February 9, 2008

Geronimo Round Robin .....

I received a box Wednesday from the Bronze Group RR that I participated in with the CQN Group on Yahoo. Felt just like Christmas when I opened it!! I am knocked out by all the work that was done on this swap and I am thrilled to have all these gorgeous blocks as my own. I chose Geronimo as a theme and as you can tell by the photos below, everyone got real creative with their concept regarding him. These are not your average swap blocks as they all are 17" square!

This one was made by Carole ( aka Wippy) from Vail AZ

This one was done by Carroll S in Flagstaff AZ

Julie C in Big Springs TX made this one

Rebecca B's block came from Fort Hood TX

This block was made by Sharon R. She lives in Passadena TX

And this is my block that started it off

If it wasn't enough already, all these goodies were inside... charms, beads, threads, feathers, lots in glorious turquoise. Thanks so much everyone !!!

I wasn't able to post my finished January Take It Further Block here till now. I bought a frame at St Vincents and painted it black. I sashed the block in black to make it fit. I didn't get to do all the stitching that I wanted to but it ended up finished enough. I haven't had time to work much on Feb's TIF but hope to tomorrow.

After a grueling week working the clinical of my class, I finished up yesterday and received my certificate. We were given a corsage and treated to lunch by the nursing facility. I have yet to take the state exam but at least this part is done. I am dead tired and feeling ravenously hungry today!!!! Time for a good catchup.

Here's my little Valentine Girl, Tasha. I need to spend some time with her too.


JK said...

What beautiful work on all those wonder you were so thrilled! I love that art piece in the that a little dog in the corner? Too cute!!

Toni said...

Congrats on your Acievement! I love all the blocks you have shared..They are great. Hope all is well up in the Northwoods...Toni


TASHA is a cutie pie!!! She is tiny--Yorkie, perhaps?? I am sure she missed you while you were busy, my gils always do! LOL--enjoy your goodies--I had fun with it *~*CAROLE-aka Wippy*~*

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane congratulations on your Nursing acheivements and TIF - the Susan Butcher block looks great. I bet opening that box of quilt sqaures was like Christmas - I can hardly wait to see the finished thing! have a good weekend (I think its still the weekend over there!)

Jules said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog and you sweet comments on my butterfly block. Congratulations on receiving your certificate! The Geronimo theme and to see what they did was really fun...CQ but not too frilly :-) My group did a Texas theme wallhanging and we each did a block for it-took a little bit of thought since we couldn't get too frilly, but we all enjoyed being out of the box so to speak - will be watching to see what you do with them :-)

Jules said...

Me again. I see a misspelling in my last comment...should be "your" sweet comments. Don't you just hate it when your fingers can't keep up with the brain :-) Perused your wonderful Geronimo blocks again - love the dream catchers (at least I see a couple that look like they have dream catchers in them).

Threadspider said...

Well done on fitting so much into your life-perhaps you can catch your breath now and enjoy ALL of your achievements. Love your finished January TIF block.

Charlene said...

What a great collection of blocks. Will you put them together in a wall hanging or throw? Lovely work done by everyone, and you can fill in the blanks with the goodies!

Congrats for your certification!

You have a sweetie! My little Pixie sits by my side or somewhere very close ALL the time. I'm sure Tasha will be happy to share more time with you, too!

verobirdie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Your TIF looks well with its black frame.
And more important, congratulation for your certificate!
A hug to Tasha.

Susan said...

The blocks are great! I had seen a couple of them, and seeing them all together is really amazing.

The first month's TIF looks lovely framed. Hope you got to work on the new one today.

Congratulations on your certificate! Clinical is always the hard part, I think. But then I'm only hearing it second hand from my son in nursing school. =)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Congratulation on your certificate. Good Job. Best Wishes for your state exam. Hope you enjoy your new field of work. Hugs Judy

Barbara Hagerty said...

I love your January TIF piece! The black frame perfectly sets it off! Great pieces from your round-robin, too! And last, but not least, congratulations!! What an achievement!

Eve said...

Love the squares...and the goodies. I went out and bought buttons today. All sorts. Fun.