Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ponderings and Priorities

This is the block that I made up for this months work. I had to photograph outdoors today to get any kind of decent light so it was perched on a snowbank. Despite the wavy look, it is a perfect 13 1/2 " square. Threads are yet to be chosen but I have a pretty clear vision of how to proceed.

I transferred what I had done on scrap paper into a notebook and will keep track of thoughts, ideas, and revelations there. I am more a scrap paper kinda gal and there's no real commitment in that; easy come, easy go, when the idea wears thin. I already see an advantage to devoting a special place for these ponderings and I also promise that I won't rip any pages out.

Here is the idea I originally started with, but I didn't like one thing about it when I got it done. Isn't that one of the main root causes of UFO's, not liking or connecting with the outcome?

I've also been thinking about my resources and priorities. In reviewing the time I have available for blogging & taking into consideration my antiquarian computer, I have decided to exclusively stick with crazy quilting for my TIF medium. Being realistic to the confines and commitments of my life and wishing to stop perpetuating my " too many irons in the fire" mentality into this new year , this choice is a mentally healthy one for me. This will allow me to stay true to form with the webrings I belong to and stick with the one form that I really want to develop and grow better at. Much more conducive to my goals rather than going off hither and yon in so many directions. I am very guilty of that. Taking my CQ skills (or lack of) to the next level is what I want, it's not about scattering myself to the winds.

Seeing how others are approaching this challenge also aroused a hesitancy in me that made me question my abilities and why I dared to put myself in the group. How I'm out of my league with all the quilters, needleworkers and artists involved and how the skills they are employing are so much more advanced than my own. It really seeded some self doubt. I had to reflect on the feelings of comparison and honestly ask myself what I had hoped to personally achieve with this. I want direction, prompting, and a schedule. I want comaraderie and and the experience of others ideas. Above all I want to enjoy what I do while accepting my own skills and enhancing them. Those thoughts helped me define a clearer mission for myself and what I hope to claim in the months ahead.
There is so much more I want to do with creative time; kayaking, boating, hiking, gardening, building a screen house, biking and photos. The year promises to be full of activity.
Till the next time...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane. I like the landscape you rejected! I understand how you feel about resources and time availability - I think I am going to struggle to achieve everything I said I'd do this year - and what I really wanted was for this year to be one of growth for my creativity and to elarn new things not tp stress that im not achieving.
I can't belive you wrote about questioning your abilities. I have been having similar doubts and I have been writing them to post tomorrow - my plan is not gelling and I'm at a bit of a loss. I also vowed never to post a single crazy patchwork thing Ive done after seeing yours - you are one of the people I'm using as a benchmark for my dubious talent!

verobirdie said...

Hi Jane,
When I see your landscape block I wonder how you can doubt your skills. And anyway, TIF is not about comparison in a competition sense of the word. It is first about challenging ourselves and our own techniques, and then learning from others as they will interprete the palette or the concept quite differently.
When doing the TAST, I often said to myself "you could have done that, or thought of this" while discovering other works, but the main thing is that I made hudge progress by discovering new skills, acquiring them, working out of my comfort zone. On the whole, i've gained a lot of selfconfidence, though I know I'm still far behind some artists I met there.
And all through that year, when someone had difficulty with one stitch, there were several others to explain and support her. This was a very friendly atmosphere.
So my advice is "Jump", you won't regret it.

Guzzisue said...

The pervious comment says all I wanted to say only a clearer so I won't add any more. But I do like the landscape!!

Toni said...

I love your rejected landscape...I hope your creativeness continues in the form you love...Sorry I missed you yesterday, maybe we can catch up next time. I couldnt believe how many deer you have up there. I saw at least 30 deer and took a few photos of them. We dont have any that winter in our area. Hope your studys are coming along well...Toni

Malla said...

Hi Jane,
Your naked block is beautiful, and so is the landscape! I'm a newbie and far behind of many participants - but everybody has been a newbie once! Let us enjoy the progress we make, and let us enjoy the CQuing!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Please don't abandon that landscape - it's a beauty!! I would love to see it embellished, and promise I won't turn it into a piece of needlepoint.

Susan said...

This is the Take It Further challenge, not the Take It Further Than Anyone Else challenge. =) Looking at your block, I see wonderful possibilities that you are going to make happen. Love the colors, too. =)

Here's the thing about UFOs. I think you are right on about why they happen, at least some of them. It's a great block, but it isn't exciting you. So give yourself permission to give that away and forget it, if it isn't exciting you.

There are enough things in life that you will want to do, there won't be time for those you don't! You learned something, whatever you needed, from that block, its work is done. Pass it along to one of those commenters who really liked it. Draw a name from a hat. =)

Idaho Quilter said...

I envy your CQ skills, I would love to carry on with my Grandma Millies' tradtion of crazy quilting. It just doesn't seem to be a skill that I have. I did live in Wa. I tried to email you acouple times it comes back.

Judy S. said...

Hi Jane,

I like both of your blocks, but the one you've rejected reminds me of those wonderful Porcupine Mts. in your photo. I have such fond memories of that place from years ago when I was a camp counselor near Eagle River, WI.

Happpy New Year and Happy Stitching!


WOW--I love your scenic block--let it talk to you!! I came by to tell you that I tagged you! You made my day.(info at my blog-- am glad that i visited your blog today--i would have missed a real treasure--you you still want to reject it--send it my way--it talks to me! luv ya *~*CAROLE*~*

Eve said...

Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Ive tagged you with a make my day award too!

Threadspider said...

I can hardly add to what has already been said, except I think you expressed what many bloggers feel about how they admire and are a little or sometimes a lot in awe of what others can do. Your work is lovely and stands proudly with its head held high. And after the kind comments here, I hope you do too.