Friday, January 25, 2008

A Little of This and A Little of That...

This is where the TIF block is at. I am up to the right corner now and attaching the sequins to the seam. I did get the pocket sewed on and I am able to stick the image cards in while leaving any given one to overhang.

I added some black beads and thread here and there to help with balancing it out. I know that it is awful flowery and I should have tried harder to give it more of a "Northwoods" feel but this was how it went.

I love silk ribbon embroidery but it does not love me. It was difficult to bring what I envisioned into any form of semblance with the ribbon.

I'm going to go back over the whole block and add a few more stitches to unify and fill. I think this area would benefit by making these 2 pieces more separate, to stand on their own. Not much time left to finish and part of this challenge for me was to finish before the next theme was announced. I've really enjoyed working this block and ruminating about Susan. I will miss it when it's done.
I have loved browsing the blogs and meeting alot of new people.
I wanted to acknowledge and thank Jane for her nomination of me for a Make My Day award. Her blog entitled Nuido-A Students Journey displays her wonderful talent for creating Japanese Embroidery! Thank you, Jane.

My husband was such a good sport this week by coming to class and allowing us to use his face for the grooming lab. All is going well but the studying at night involves as much time as the instruction. 2 more days of classroom and then the following week will be clinical so I am almost through it. I have a pile of my old scrubs to wash and hang and I'm looking forward again to the hands on patient part.

Our garage has a good foot of snow on it and our weather vane is pretty useless as the directionals are buried. We're looking at Sunday having a high of 33 degrees, so welcomed after a solid week of sub zero. The wind was wicked and the sting hit your skin in seconds. Obviously the wood pile has dwindled but the furnace has not come on yet. When I get home, Dan has it quite toasty!

I wanted to share a pic of Felon doing what he does best, "stealing" my side of the bed. He is so humanlike at placing his head on the pillow. He is also quite good at eating from a fork, a real gentleman. All 3 dogs are very adept at eating ice cream from a spoon too... I know, don't gasp that I would allow it. It's sick, I know.

I wanted to share one last photo of my "Bird Lady" that hangs out at the edge of the woods. In summer she holds flowers but now.... She looks like shes dreaming of spring just as I am.
Till the next time...

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LynnS said...

What a lovely tribute to Susan B! I absolutely LOVE your fold-down "album".

Felon is precious. I know what you mean about a dog being 'humanlike' -- I'm not sure our dogs even realize they're not 'one of us'. Our 2 Goldens eat scraps from our utensils after we have finished. (Ever try feeding Felon corn on the cob? THAT is very funny to watch as they nibble away.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your crazy-TIF is a gorgeous success!

Susan said...

I love your bird lady! She's wonderful. The block for Susan came out great. I don't think it's too flowery at all. The spring, when it finally comes, is gorgeous and full of flowers. I love the trees.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jane, You have been Tagged for the MeME thing. The rules of the game are this–Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.Post the rules on your blog.Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.Tag 7 people and link to them.Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged

Idaho Quilter said...

I was ccommenting on our snow this morning, nothing compared to what you get, at least i know ours won't be around long. Bless the wood stove, it is such a comforting heat. I love the birdlady, and your tribute block has turned out nicely.

Idaho Quilter said...

Jane, I tried email but it came back.
I was just browsing around while eating my lunch when I came across this blog I thought you might enjoy.

Idaho Quilter said...

Jane, I tried email but it came back.
I was just browsing around while eating my lunch when I came across this blog I thought you might enjoy.

Meg in Albuquerque said...

What a great subject for a TIF. I used to root for Susan everytime she took off for the race, and the year she won was so exciting. I was very sad when I heard she died, but she lived her life as she ran the race. She has been one of my inspirations for many years. My user name could be MegAnch as well as MegAbq, I still catch myself saying Anchorage, guess where my heart is!