Sunday, November 25, 2007

From the Inside Looking Out...

The view from my kitchen window looking towards the road... 5 more days and we will all be free to enjoy our uninhibtated romps and rendevous outside.

And here are the forlorn looks of the "pups" who have had their wings clipped due to hunting season. They look to say, " If the red scarves aren't bad enough, must you take our pictures to show our agony over this whole "grounding" thing ???
I removed Tangs pic because a friend brought it to my attention that his dog tag was giving out all my personal info. Ever since I saw that creepy movie where the photo developer guy saw everything in these peoples house and could therefore terrorize them, I try to be careful of stuff like that. That one definitely slipped by me.

I think I have the photo dilemma solved. If I save my pics to the most outside part of a file they load... the further the program has to go in, the longer it takes, and I time out on the upload. Again, we'll see.
Dan is cooking today and I am up in the "room of creations" scratching my head, tracing on fusibles and plying my head.

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