Friday, October 26, 2007

My Week Thus Far...

It's a good thing that I dug up the plants that I wanted to try and winter over. The "little fern" did pull through so I upgraded her pot and stuck her in a good sunny place. Not a bit too soon as the picture below shows. The photo was taken Wednesday morning about 12 miles South of here (as the crow flies). It did not stick for long but the "S" word is already back in our vocabulary and will remain there for the next 6 months. Photo courtesy of Roxanne Anderson. Thanks Roxy!

I got the soldier stocking pieced and stitched. This afternoon the plan is to finish the construction part. Dan said that it was alittle frilly for a soldier and I have to kinda agree but who knows where it will end up. There are women soldiers too! All I knew is that I wanted to use an American theme to show support and encouragement and this is how it "came out". My CQ always turns into a surprise at the end & not necesssarily a good one.

It was a red, white and blue evening all around considering the Cherry Cheese dessert my husband made. I am lucky that he cooks and "enjoys" to. The best investment that I ever made was buying him a set of Paula Deen cookbooks. He loves her and loves playing with her recipes. (though the thought of all the butter makes me cringe). This was the best one he has made to date and the crust was perfect!

The report on "Ken" is that he is home from rehab. His treatment went well and I don't fear a relaspe from him in the future. Ken offers me the security I need. After all we have been together since about 1979. I decided to keep Mark available too as I have a darning foot and plate cover for him that I want to try some free motion stippling with. I am hoping that he will put some excitement back into my life.

I also have an idea for my stitch practicing (Lord knows I need it) and I want to sew up my idea sometime this weekend. Dan made me a thread tree too and I will show you that at the same time.

For now... Have a great weekend!!!!!!


Charlene said...

Your instincts were right, weren't they? Pretty stocking!

Kelly said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I quilt in Oklahoma, but used to live in the UP ...20 years ago. I miss the snow.